Photo by Jenny Haas Photography

Photo by Jenny Haas Photography


It all started when...

    I first got into makeup when I was little and my mom constantly had makeup around because she sold it! I would sneak into her kit and put it on my face (not very well) and arms and legs! When I got to high school and was allowed to start wearing makeup, I was trying to teach myself and read magazines. We didn’t have YouTube and my idols were Brittany Spears and Jessica Simpson! I thought, “the more the better”. Eventually, when everyone was talking about college, I was talking about makeup school. My parents sent me out to California to look at Blush School of Makeup, but we decided February of 2012 that The Academy of Freelance Makeup in New York was a better fit. 


    A few months after returning home, I started at Ulta Beauty as a prestige consultant growing my craft and learning about skin care and what is in beauty products. I was given the opportunity to sit in on seminars for brands like Urban Decay, Lorac Cosmetics and bareMinerals. From that point, I said yes to everything I could and worked on so many different projects and with so many different professionals in the area to grow my business and understanding of the world of beauty I was entering. Since then, I learn from the every evolving world around me. I am constantly checking social media to see what’s trending and practice them every chance I get. 


    My inspirations have changed and I admire so many beautiful people for their work and makeup abilities. Mostly, I look up to artists like James Vincent and Patrick Ta, and online makeup gurus like Michelle Phan and Kandee Johnson. They’ve helped me figure out what my favorite style of makeup is, bridal! I love how putting on makeup for a woman on her special day makes her feel! She glows (and not just because of highlighter) because I helped in a way to make the biggest day of her life, a little better.


    Making someone feel beautiful in their own skin is why I decided to get into makeup. I want to enhance the beauty of a woman or girl that is already present. I never tell anyone I made them look better, because I ALWAYS start with a beautiful canvas.